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Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet

MSA is a strong market leader in Fire and Rescue helmets, thanks to: A unique, unmatched product design, A “never compromise” approach when it comes to safety and quality

Optimal fit for all users pro les (female, large heads, etc) in all operating conditions

  • 1 helmet, 2 sizes
  • Medium for 52-62 cm
  • Large for and 57-65 cm

Unmatched comfort with no pressure points on the head, and padding designed for ease of care and use

  • Padded headband, 2 versions (leather and nomex)
  • Removable / Washable paddings
  • Wearing height adjustment

Short range, integrated lighting for optimal visibility in dark or smoky environments

  • Lightweight, integrated lighting module (LED)
  • Battery level indicator
  • Over 10 hours of continuous operation

Robust sizing mechanism allowing for user friendly adjustment while on the head

  • Ergonomic Wheel ratchet adjustment
  • Large knob with easy access
  • Multiple size increments

Adjustable, high performance ocular visor – optimal fit for all faces to prevent injuries

  • Ease of manipulation with no interference in the viewing area
  • Compatible with corrective spectacles
  • Angular adjustment of the ocular visor with adjustable Mechanical stop
  • Optical class 1

Adjustment of the wearing position for an optimal comfort and balance for all users profiles

  • Angular rear and front adjustments for optimal wearing position
  • Rear strap setting for enhanced stability
  • Bright Yellow color for intuitive adjustments

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