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AlphaTech Solvex 37-165

AlphaTecSolvex® 37-165

High performance nitrile compound provides an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength. Will not swell, weaken or degrade, and does not promote contact dermatitis. High levels of flexibility, comfort and dexterity. Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning applications.


• Handling rough machined metal parts

• Equipment repair and maintenance

• Painting or cleaning tools or robots 

• Changing tools and dies 

• Handling incoming goods

• Filing, blending and charging or raw materials 

• Opening and draining pump valves or lines 

• Loading and unloading of process equipment 

• Transferring liquids and solids between vessels and tanks and process equipment

• Supervision of running operation

• Handling outgoing goods: cans, vessels, bulkpack and cartons

• Testing

• Opening furnaces draining pump valves or lines and crackers BTX process.  

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