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AlphaTecSolvex® 37-185

High-comfort, chemical resistant glove for a wide range of applications, covering to the top of the elbow. The glove offers a far superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection compared with rubber or neoprene gloves.


• All food processing applications that have food contact 

• Forging operations

• General pumping work 

• Handling incoming goods

• Filling, blending and charging of raw materials 

• Opening and draining pump valves or lines

• Loading and unloading of process equipment 

• Transferring liquids and solids between vessels and tanks and process equipment 

• Supervision of running operation 

• Handling outgoing goods, cans, vessels, bulkpack and cartons 

• Testing 

• Opening furnaces draining pump valves or lines and crackers BTX process 

• Painting or cleaning tools or robots 

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