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Nitri Guard Plus - LA132G

Mechanical and chemical resistance to a large range of products (oils, detergents and many solvents). Preparation of greasy products, production of paints, varnishes.


Unsupported nitrile glove. Flocked cotton. Raised pattern. Thickness : 0.38 mm. Length : 33 cm.


COMFORT Its nitrile formula has been selected to give the glove greater elasticity and unrivalled dexterity. The cotton flocked interior provides the user with greater comfort. The glove's rough finish improves the grip, to grasp objects in a greasy or damp atmosphere. Gloves will not swell, sag or weaken from fat absorption. Curved shaped hand provides a natural fit. RESISTANCE Nitrile ensures good chemical properties and excellent mechanical characteristics (abrasion). It is particularly suitable for the handling of oils, greases and hydrocarbons. Out performs natural rubber, neoprene and vinyl gloves when exposed to solvents, caustics and animal fats. Avoid contact with solvents containing ketones. SAFETY Category III glove for constant quality. The cuff helps to protect a part of the forearm. HYGIENE Gloves are free of latex proteins which can cause allergic reactions

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