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X-TREME™ Disposable Earplug

The Honeywell Howard Leight X-TREME earplug is a low cost, reliable alternative to your current foam earplugs. The signature bright orange tapered shape design is available in both corded and uncorded versions.

  • Comfortable earplug with high attenuation
  • Easy insertion and removal with smooth tapered shape design
  • Bright color offering high visibility and worker compliance
  • Corded version helps to guard against the earplugs falling onto the floor
  • Bulk refill options for dispensers available


SKU Cording
DPAS-1 Uncorded
DPAS-30R Red Polycord
DPAS-30W White Nylon Cord
AS-1 Uncorded
AS-30R Red Polycord
AS-30W White Nylon Cord

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